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Marty Beckerman is the author of Dumbocracy (September 2008).

Osama bin Laden’s Son: Apple Falls Far From Tree

By January 18, 2008

Omar Osama bin Laden, the 26-year-old son of the terrorist leader, is a "braided peacenik" who "wants to be an 'ambassador for peace' between Muslims and the West," according to the Associated Press. He once trained with his demented daddy, … Read More

Do I Believe in God Today?

By January 17, 2008

UPDATE: I just Googled "Reason Not to Believe in God" and this was the actual result:     Extremely strange considering that this was a joke in the last "Do I Believe in God Today?" (Geeks: did I unknowingly make … Read More

Jewish Leaders Condemn Obama Smear E-mails

By January 17, 2008

Last week Jewcy reported on a series of anti-Obama e-mails, rapidly spreading in the Jewish community, that accuse the "Jew-hating" senator of hiding his true Muslim faith, supporting Louis Farrakhan and favoring Palestinians over Israelis. (Andrew Sullivan linked to the … Read More

Ex-Congressman Helped Fund Terror?!?

By January 16, 2008

A former Republican congressman, whom Ronald Reagan appointed as a delegate to the U.N., was indicted for allegedly helping an organization that funneled more than $130,000 to al-Qaeda and the Taliban. The ex-politician, Mark Deli Siljander, is accused of receiving … Read More

Activist Hottie of the Week

By January 16, 2008

Welcome to a new Jewcy feature that spotlights attractive people who fight for peace, justice, equality, freedom and the American Way. Today's Activist Hottie is former Playboy model Bo Derek, who this week started a campaign to ban the slaughter … Read More

Today’s News: Toilet Sex, Cloned Meat

By January 16, 2008

ACLU Lawyers' Filthy Minds: The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a brief in support of Sen. Larry Craig, who allegedly solicited gay sex in a public restroom. The ACLU argues that whatever happens in a locked stall is private … Read More

Do I Believe In God Today?

By January 15, 2008

(Every day, we're checking in with the universe to see whether it seems likely that a supreme being of some nature is handling stuff). Reason to Believe in God: "A window washer who fell 47 stories from the roof of … Read More

Rosa Parks, Israel Needs You

By January 15, 2008

Orthodox Jews are allegedly intimidating female passengers on Israel's buses for not wearing burqas long dresses. On some lines in religious neighborhoods, women must sit at the back of the bus or else risk getting drenched in spit. Now secularists … Read More