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Marty Beckerman is the author of Dumbocracy (September 2008).

‘Times’ Opposite-of-Endorses Rudolph Giuliani

By January 25, 2008

The editorial writers at the Times, who endorsed Hillary Clinton and John McCain today, took the opportunity to kick former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani when he's down: "Why not choose the man we endorsed for re-election in 1997 after a … Read More

Today’s News: Terror, Terror and More Terror!

By January 25, 2008

An explosion in Beirut killed Lebanon's top terrorism investigator. A Minnesota flight instructor received a $5 million reward for alerting his superiors that attempted 9/11 hijacker Zacarias Moussaoui seemed like a freak. Authorities arrested an American 16-year-old who allegedly wanted … Read More

Jewcy Opinion Digest

By January 24, 2008

Jewcy selects the smartest arguments from opinion-makers on the Internet. On what it means to be a "pro-Israel" candidate Gershom Gorenberg in the American Prospect Although many Israelis are "allowed" to have complicated opinions on regional issues, American politicians hesitate … Read More

YouTube Yahoos: Mitt Romney, Ebonics Speaker

By January 23, 2008

Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney interacted with black voters on MLK Day, and showed the world what happens when an obtuse white multimillionaire tries to sound hip for the "urban" kids, quoting lyrics from "Who Let the Dogs Out?" and … Read More

Activist Hottie: Katie Pflegar Strips For Chickens

By January 22, 2008

Once a week, Jewcy spotlights people who fight for peace, justice, equality, freedom and other worthy causes while also managing to be hot. This week's Activist Hottie is Katie Pfleghar, a German actress who cares so much about the freedom … Read More

Required MLK Day Viewing

By January 21, 2008

The civil rights icon's incredible final speech — from April 3, 1968, the day before his tragic death:

The Gaffe Factory: Huckabee Hates Jefferson

By January 21, 2008

Whenever a politician, pundit or celebrity says something amazingly stupid, offensive or naive, "The Gaffe Factory" is here to document it. This week we have a gem from Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee, explaining why he would outlaw abortion and … Read More

The Horse Race: Hillary Gets Sleazier, Romney Looks Likely

By January 21, 2008

On the Left: Sen. Barack Obama, who lost the Nevada Democratic caucus to Sen. Hillary Clinton, accuses her campaign workers of fraud and voter suppression. He is also criticizing her husband's role in her campaign, and so are leading Democrats … Read More