Rachel Gilinski

Rachel Gilinski is an undergraduate student at Yeshiva University. She loves rugelach, Legally Blonde, buying books she'll likely never read, and, unfortunately, lashon hara.

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What Your Favorite Sufganiyah Filling Says About You

Sufganiyot, a.k.a. fried doughnuts usually with some kind of filling inside them, are a Hanukkah…

It’s Parshonal: Vayeshev, and Following Your Dreams

What is a dream? Anyway, follow yours.

What Your Favorite Latke Topping Says About You

Latkes have long been a staple of Chanukah cuisine, and the debate over their appropriate topping is almost as long-running…

It’s Frum Girl Fall!

Hot Girl Summer may be long over, but don’t despair, hot girls! Frum Girl Fall is here.

It’s Parshonal: Noach, and The Power of Speech

Speech is powerful. Use it wisely.

It’s Parshonal: Bereshit And Your Inner Snake

Snakes are everywhere. On planes. And even within you.

It’s Parshonal: V’Zot HaBracha, and Seizing the Day

V’Zot HaBracha, begins this week’s parsha, as introduction. And this is the blessing that Moshe…

It’s Parshonal: Ha’azinu, and Appreciating the Ordinary

Even the ordinary, boring things, even the rocks, are Hashem’s creations, which means they must be necessary.