Rachel Gilinski

Rachel Gilinski is an undergraduate student at Yeshiva University. She loves rugelach, Legally Blonde, buying books she'll likely never read, and, unfortunately, lashon hara.

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What Your Favorite Latke Topping Says About You

Latkes have long been a staple of Chanukah cuisine, and the debate over their appropriate topping is almost as long-running…

It’s Frum Girl Fall!

Hot Girl Summer may be long over, but don’t despair, hot girls! Frum Girl Fall is here.

Noach, and The Power of Speech

Speech is powerful. Use it wisely.

Bereshit, And Your Inner Snake

Snakes are everywhere. On planes. And even within you.

V’Zot HaBracha, and Seizing the Day

V’Zot HaBracha, begins this week’s parsha, as introduction. And this is the blessing that Moshe…

It’s Parshonal: Ha’azinu, and Appreciating the Ordinary

Even the ordinary, boring things, even the rocks, are Hashem’s creations, which means they must be necessary.

Vayeilech, And Learning to Let Go

Like the old Yiddish adage says, “Man plans, and G-d laughs.”

It’s Parshonal: Nitzavim

The intersection of divrei Torah and my self-centered personal reflections.