Religion & Beliefs

Ki Tisa, and Being a Good Leader

Being a leader means caring about the people you’re leading.

Tetzaveh, and the Importance of Clothing

Fashion matters. Even to Jews. And Jewish high priests.

Belief and the City

In the final episode of what is hopefully only the first season of “And Just Like That,” the series stepped into strange and foreign territory…

Mishpatim, and Rules, Rules, Rules

Relentlessly overthinking your identity never leads to any good.

Preserving Tradition, Rejecting Extremism

Chochmat Nashim creates a balance between keeping our traditions alive and not succumbing to extremism in order to protect them.

Yitro, and the Value of Family

Ask yourself: are you so close to the people you consider family that you’re almost like one person with one heart?

Bo, and Passing Judaism Down

To keep Judaism alive, it’s not enough to learn it for yourself. You must pass it down as well.

Va’eira, and Going Above and Beyond

Be extra.