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Ruth Bader Ginsburg Has “Quite a Large Supply” of Those Notorious R.B.G. T-Shirts

Speaking at an event at 92Y in New York City on Sunday night, Ruth Bader Ginsburg made a supreme confession: she has “quite a large supply” of those ‘Notorious R.B.G.’ tees (for which we can thank the eponymous Tumblr page), which she gives out as party favors to departing brunch guests.

[Wait—real talk—she said she gives them out as gifts. She said nothing about brunch. But I imagine that these garments are stored in her house, and that occasionally people come over for brunch, and that as they’re walking out the door she comes rushing down the porch steps with a bag of bagel and lox leftovers in one hand and a Notorious R.B.G. tee in the other, saying something like, “Elissa, dear, I almost forgot to give you your brunch party favor! See you next week at Middlemarch book club!”]

Here’s what transpired during R.B.G.’s chat with NPR’s Nina Totenberg. Come for the kvelling about the grandchildren, stay for the bit at the end where she nods like the boss that she is.

Totenberg: On a somewhat lighter note, I want to ask you about the Notorious RBG t-shirt. [Applause, Cheers]. I gather there are some people here who’ve worn them. I wear mine on the weekends all the time. And people will occasionally—The guy at the drug store said to me last weekend, he said, who is that woman, she looks very familiar, but who is she? I said she’s a supreme court justice. He said, oh good, I’ve learned something today. So how did you find out about the notorious RBG t-shirts.

Ginsburg: I think a law clerk told me about this tumblr and also explained to me what Notorious RBG was a parody on. And now my grandchildren love it and I try to keep abreast of the latest that’s on the tumblr. I have—and in fact I think I gave you a Notorious RBG—

Totenberg: Two of my three. I bought one.

Ginsburg: I have quite a large supply.

Totenberg: Do you have the one—what’s the one ‘you can’t have truth without Ruth’”

Ginsburg: Without Ruth. [nods] [h/t Time]

(Image: Portrait by Simmie Knox, under commission of the United States Supreme Court)

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