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The Best And Worst Opinions Of The Day

The Best And Worst Opinions Of The Day

In our previous installment, we criticized right-wing blowhard Michelle Malkin for suggesting that poor college students should refrain from sex if they can't afford to raise children. (But if they're poor and married, they should go crazy?) To be fair, let's find a smart conservative quote and a dumb liberal quote today.


"Talking about a strong border is one thing. It's when you get into enforcing the law—which means deport—that you lose people's votes. Oddly enough, people resent the idea that you might throw their mother out of the country." —Grover Norquist in Rolling Stone


"Republicans, to their shame, will trumpet McCain's experience over Obama's…" —Alec Baldwin in Huffington Post

(To their shame? Isn't that a legitimate talking point?)

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