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FrontLein: Darth Edgar

About fifteen minutes ago, I was sitting at my desk, working exceedingly hard, when I couldn't help notice that something around me had changed. Maybe it was the recent shadow that had slid across my desk, maybe it was the heavy, Darth Vader-esque breathing, or maybe it was my innate attunement to wool sweaters, but either way, I found myself forced to look over my shoulder.

There I found Edgar, the building's maintenance coordinator, standing behind me in about sixteen layers of wool, cotton, gabardine, corduroy, and mohair (probably), with a thick winter beanie atop his head and a heavy, ridged muffler surrounding the rest of his face.

"Hi Edgar," I said. "Coldest day of the year, huh?"

"<Darth Vader Breathing Noise>" he said.

"Did you just go out?"

"<Darth Vader Breathing Noise>" he repeated. He pulled down the muffler to expose his mouth, "Yo, it's cra-aazy cold out there!" he said.

"Yeah man, I know," I replied. Then he told me a story about how he bought his muffler for $1, and then decided to buy more, but they were all out. And it hurt, because deep down, I had hoped he would buy me a muffler if I gave him a dollar.

But such is life.

I feel like I should let you know we had a recent breakthrough with the Comcast issue. Faithhacker Laurel Snyder has been so good to help test numerous solutions (none of which have worked) for circumventing Comcast's iron rule over the Jewcy servers. At our system administrator's suggestion, we recently set up an alternate testing mirror for the site located in a geographically remote location.

And guess what? Even though it's still Jewcy, and it's still the same host, she can log in. What do you think about that?

Hear that, Comcast? You can't keep a good Jew down. And you can't keep Jewcy down either.

Sidenote: While compositing the photo of, uh, "Edgar," above, I came across an image of a scientist in the '50s testing the purported scalp of an abominable snowman. Not that I'm one to judge others solely on physical appearance, but is it just me, or is the real missing link sitting just to that scientist guy's right? Quick! Start a "discussion" page!

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