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Hitlery Rodham Clinton

Hillary Clinton has come out in favor of a summertime gas tax holiday, because, she claims, she wants to lend a hand to consumers hard hit by rising fuel costs. What's more, she's using the proposal to bash her Democratic primary opponent as an out of touch elitist. One could criticize the plan by pointing out that it will save consumers maybe $30 — or, if the supply of gas is inelastic (it is), the cut won't save consumers anything. Or one could point out that a candidate ostensibly in favor of curbing greenhouse gas emissions has no business promoting a government-backed splurge in fossil fuel consumption. Or one could point out that Clinton's proposed 18.4 cent/gallon cut in gas prices is more than offset by the 35 cent hike in gas prices her cap-and-trade plan will entail.

But really, that's missing the big picture. What other monomaniacal politician propelled himself to power through bogus, distorted, simplified economic pandering targeted at the lowest common denominator of an electorate? What other politician railed against plutocrats and fed voters' suspicions that they were victims of an elaborate conspiracy of financiers? What other politician attacked his political opponents as out of touch elitists who were vaguely but suspiciously alien to his country and its culture, and was friends with Leni Riefenstahl?

I think you know the answer:



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