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Jewcy Opinion Digest

On Communism and Scientology Mark Oppenheimer in the Huffington Post

After writing a Boston Globe piece on latter-day apologists for Maoism, Oppenheimer compares the extremists' groupthink to Scientology.

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On Ageism Sen. John Kerry in the National Journal

Sen. Barack Obama, often pegged as the "kiddie candidate," is older than Bill Clinton, JFK and Teddy Roosevelt were upon taking office, and older than Thomas Jefferson and Martin Luther King, Jr. at the heights of their intellectual brilliance.

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On Secular vs. Secularist Judaism David Deutsch in the Forward

Today's young Jews embrace pop-culture-friendly "secular" Judaism, but have no use for the militantly anti-religious "secularist" Judaism of the twentieth century.

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On Abortion Hadley Freeman in the Guardian

The female protagonists in blockbuster films such as Knocked Up and Juno never truly consider whether to terminate their pregnancies, unlike women in the real world who search their souls over this difficult decision.

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On Drinking Sewage Eilene Zimmerman in Slate

We have the technology to purify our waste — and to save our planet, we must gulp it down. (There you have it, folks: environmentalism is shitty.)

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