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Jewcy Opinion Digest

Jewcy Opinion Digest

On Jesus Jerry Kellman in Busted Halo

"The biggest lesson was learning the nature of who Jesus was historically, not as God and being resurrected, but as the person he was and living as a Jew in a Jewish world."

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On the Book Irreligion Michiko Kakutani in the New York Times

"The volume gets off to a bracing start … by succinctly showing how Darwin’s theory of natural selection and free-market economics provide well-confirmed alternative explanations for the evolution of complex systems."

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On John McCain Andrew Sullivan in The Atlantic

"The era of legal, authorized torture in America is coming to a close. … And it is more than fitting that a man who endured torture at the hands of America's enemies should now be picked to restore American honor after the disgrace of Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld."

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On Edwards Ending His Run Christopher Beam in Slate

"Even when I agreed with the message, I bristled at the brazen insincerity —or appearance thereof—of the messenger."

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On Giuliani Ending His Run Michael Weiss in Pajamas Media

"What he had was 9/11, but his idol Churchill had World War II and that wasn’t enough either to win an election in 1945."

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