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Ron Kampeas’s Follow-Up Letter Re: Sieradski and Ron Paul

Yesterday, Ron Kampeas of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency emailed Andrew Sullivan regarding our lead story, "Ron Paul's Jewish Problem." In that article, Dan Sieradski said that the Paul camp would not return the JTA's phone calls in relation to a $500 donation given to it by Don Black, the founder of Stormfront, a white supremacist organization:

This is kind of sensitive for me. My colleague, Daniel Sieradski, posted the "takes money from Nazis, won't take calls from Jews" comment on his personal blog. On the other hand, he describes his exchanges with the Paul campaign in his capacity as a JTA staffer.

The problem with all this, is that the Paul campaign WAS responsive, giving my intern here, Beth Young, an exclusive statement on where Paul stands on Israel for a story we posted yesterday (the day Dan posted his blog item.) (I have no idea why Dan was pursuing his own story when he should have known DC was pursuing a story, but that's a boring internal JTA matter.)

I pointed this out to my boss, asking her the best way to address the anomaly; she suggested (and I think this is wisest), that I simply point out that Dan's blog posting is wrong, Paul does talk to the JTA – and point out Beth's story.

Which is what I'm doing.

After talking to Sieradski, Kampeas forwarded Jewcy his second letter to Sullivan, which Sullivan has yet to post on his blog. Here it is in its entirety, reprinted with Kampeas' permission:

Andrew- I wanted to clarify that I wrongly faulted Dan Sieradski in this. He posted his original comment a couple of weeks ago on his personal blog, before Paul had replied to our request. Jewcy reposted it Nov. 9, the day after I first reported Ron Paul's statement in a short article unbylined article for JTA. Dan upated his post and alerted bloggers who had picked up the original item as soon as he was aware of Paul's statement. I'm not acquainted with the mechanics of the blogosphere, but just like in journalism (or anything else) I guess it's not hard for one hand to do something without the other being aware. And thanks for posting – between your alerting me and my seeing it, it was the fourth item on your blog. And I thought wire service writing was fast. Ron


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