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Fifty First (J) Dates: Synagogue Fashion, From Rachel Zoe

In honor of the end of Fashion Week and everyone’s favvvv High Holy day, Yom Kippur, we were able to score an interview on the most important aspect of dipping apples in honey and starving during services: fashion.

Our interviewee is none other than fantastic GW graduate, Rachel Rosenzweig, better known now as Rachel Zoe.* This, is, bananas.

FFJD: What are you seeing in the trends for High Holy days fashion this year?

RZ: I’m seeing a lot of nudes and pastels. Long, flowy pieces from Alexander Wang and Balenciaga. I know some people say that high fashion should not be worn at synagogue. I, on the other hand, think that it is of the utmost importance that the Goldbergs from down the street see you in the new Chanel Fall 2010 Yom Kippur line. Bananas. Like, when Oscar sent that gown down the runway last year for Cameron, I was like, this is OOC.

FFJD: What do you suggest for wearing to “break-fast”?

RZ: Something that says, I’m so hungry. Personally, when I break the fast, I go for something that will allow for a super yummy quarter of a scooped-out bagel. I love indulging sometimes. Some of my best clients think its Yom Kippur all the time. Or at least I tell them that.

FFJD: What are some fashion don’t s for synagogue?

RZ: I mean, obviously anything last season is an issue. I don’t care if your vintage Oscar looks nice with last seasons Louboutins. I am offended. I die. Also, you can’t wear flats. I mean, I don’t like own any flats. Tranny shoes are always welcome, as long as your skirt isn’t short and you’re respecting the congregation. I made a sick boot with Brian Atwood. It’s called the Rachel Zoe. It’s so major, and would go great with your synagogue wear. Obsessed.

FFJD: And fashion “do’s”?

RZ: My line for QVC has an awesome new faux rabbit fur coat that is so out of control. It says chic and understated. It think it would be the perfect thing to keep you warm during services and also is just so, so chic. Also, what says Day of Atonement like awesome rabbit?

FFJD: What will you be wearing for synagogue this Yom Kippur?

RZ: I wanted to channel the somber mood for the holiday. Brad will be sitting in for half of my time at synagogue. I am wearing head-to-toe Prabal Gurung. So. Major. I’m also going to be looking at synagogue for a new funeral ensemble for both Demi and Kate. I think they’ll be really inspired by some of the outfits.

FFJD: How are you going to celebrate the holiday?

RZ: Rog and I are going to take a break from everything and he’s going to sit and watch me BBM. I think it’ll be really special. I just wish I could enjoy myself more right now. I have a lot on my plate. Figuratively, not literally. Duh.

Ugh, but like I don’t know what Demi is wearing yet, and I’m really stressed out about it. You know, now that she like, practices Kabbalah. I think I need to go vintage shopping for her. Vintage and those rustic, wooden pews will just make her outfit pop.  I think I want her to wear something that really says, “I have bad Yom Kippur breath.” Bananas.


*I interviewed Rachel on Thursday, September 16, in my head. It was major.

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