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When he’s not working with Jewish teens, Abe Fried-Tanzer can be found blogging away about movies and television.

Israel Film Center Festival Spotlight

By June 6, 2016

Three of Israel’s top films from last year cover familial themes this week at the Israel Film Center Festival. Read More

Jewcy Interview: ‘Soon By You’

By June 1, 2016

A chat with the creative team behind the new web series about the Modern Orthodox dating scene in New York City. Read More

‘Dough’: Kosher Baker Meets Drug Dealer

By May 3, 2016

Yes, there’s a movie about a kosher bakery in London with a special ingredient in his recipe – and it came out during Passover! Read More

‘The Last Laugh’: Is The Holocaust Funny?

By April 27, 2016

This Tribeca documentary tackles the question of whether a great Jewish tragedy can equal comedy. Read More

Jewcy Interviews: Nitzan Gilady on ‘Wedding Doll’

By April 14, 2016

Israeli director Nitzan Gilady sits down to discuss his new film, ‘Wedding Doll.’ Read More

Network Jews: Ari Gold, the Jewish Hollywood Agent on HBO’s ‘Entourage’

By February 5, 2013

The cutthroat super-agent who’s always trying to make a movie deal, even at Yom Kippur services Read More

The Top Five Jewish Moments at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival

By January 28, 2013

From Maya Rudolph kvelling to Daniel Radcliffe as Allen Ginsburg, here’s what you missed Read More

The Trouble With Casting Hollywood Faces in Holocaust Films

By November 19, 2012

Why French actress Melanie Laurent, best known from ‘Inglorious Basterds,’ succeeds in ‘La Rafle’ Read More